Pi-rate Content Distribution Platform

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Pi-rate Content Distribution Platform

Creating market differentiation and reaching out to a wider customer base has never been easier. Through our expertise, tools and templates, we help you in publishing your content through the Pi-rate Content Distribution Platform.


Capture Reader's Minds


Placement With Similar Articles


Real Time Bidding (RTB) and Semantics


Post Campaign Detailed Reports


How we address your Challenges

We help you build native ads leveraging a native ad template to provide you with the unique opportunity for reaching out to users through different ad units including:

  In-Feed Ads
  Paid Search Ads
  Recommendation Widgets
  Promoted Listings
  In-Ad (with native element units)
  Custom / can not be Contained


We deliver an extensive market reach by posting the ad units on various platforms including:

  Open – promoting the same piece of branded content across multiple platforms ubiquitously, but through some variation of native ad formats.

  Closed - formats created by brands for the purpose of promoting their own content intrinsically on their websites. Advertisements seen on these platforms will not be seen on others, as these ad types are generated for their own exclusive use, and structured around exhibiting ad units within the confines of the website's specific agendas, quite similar to promoted Tweets on Twitter, Sponsored Stories on Facebook, and TrueView Video Ads on YouTube.

  Hybrid - a private marketplace where advertisers have the option to bid on the inventory of ad space, either through direct sales or programmatic auction through real time bidding solutions.


The Results of Our Work

    Low bounce rate

    Increased user time on website

    20% higher conversions as compared to