“Capture the thoughts of your target audience”.

Pi-rate Ethnic Platform

The Pi-rate team understands your needs and accordingly, our platform captures millions of impressions in each language over a period of time. We thereby provide beneficial insights, which when harnessed deliver exceptional results for your product.

    From direct publisher relation to exchange
        and network integration, Pi rate has the
        maximum reach in each language.

    The Pi-rate Ethnic Platform has a "bucket"
        of each language, which increases in volume
        even as you are reading this; therefore,
        automatically providing you with larger
        audiences every day.

    Moreover, the Platform captures user
        journeys and behaviours over a period of
        time, which inevitably contributes clearer
        insights about your target clients.


Direct Publisher Relation

Pi-rate connects directly with all ethnic publishers and tracks its performance and consumption for the client internally.


Exchange and Network Integration

Pi-rate has integrated with all the big exchanges and smaller ad networks, in order to reach a larger audience.


Bucket of Languages

Clients may cherry pick from a bucket of ethnic publishers.


Track User Journey

With the help of the Data Management Platform, Pi-rate tracks the journeys and behaviour of its ethnic users.


Ethnic Ads

Ethnic ads need to get approved by our global guidelines team, which monitors and suggests content related to the advertisement.