Pi-rate Data Management Platform

The Best Data Management Platform

The Pi-rate Data Management Platform (DMP) is a data warehouse of sorts that will allow you to store and manage your first-party audience and campaign data, such as mobile identifiers and cookie IDs. It can be used to create target segments, and additionally, very effectively employed to match and display digital advertisements.


As an advertiser, you will be able to use Pi-rate DMP to build a warehouse of user data based on requests received from publishers. As your warehouse grows, you may query against it to retarget specific users and optimise returns on your advertising budgets.


  Onboard data vendors (3rd party
      DMPs), or customers buying data

  Choose the appropriate billing model.

  Define data segments.

  Extract reports among dimensions
      that have been provided.


Paired with the Pi-rate Demand-Side Platform, data from the Data Management Platform (DMP) very effectively helps to augment incoming requests from publishers (directly or via supply-side platforms) and, accordingly, optimises bid values to achieve improved and superior results.


Best Insight Marketing Tool

The Pi-rate DMP improves Return on Investment (ROI) by controlling ad costs, creating a targeted profile audience for your advertising campaigns and through that DMP helps to unify your audience and performance data across all ad exchanges, ad networks and demand side platforms (DSPs).