Pi-rate Premium Publishers Platform

Premium Ad Platform

As Australia's number one International media specialist, we retain exclusive contracts and PMP deals with the world’s leading media. Advertisers may access our pool of premium publishers through our bundle offer.


Publish your ad with multiple global media players utilising a small budget.

Include third party data, as this allows us the facility to offer clients and agencies the ability to reach business leaders and decision makers.

Premium publishers always deliver significantly better branding effectiveness results across a number of measures.

The primary driver of this increased effectiveness is the "halo effect" of the contextual environment in which the ads are seen.


Pi-rate Premium Publishers

Pi-rate constantly evaluates publishers and finds the perfect client, with no complications, and willing to spend consistently.


Pi-rate Premium Ad Network

The Pi-rate bucket of premium publishers opens every quarter and adds qualified publishers, who are subsequently managed by our very experienced Account Managers.

Our Product Based Services

    For client our premium bundle offer starts from AUD 10,000.00 to advertise in Australia, India, Malaysia, and Singapore with flexible time and duration.

    For publisher, our Native JS and Video JS are available with innumerable placement opportunities, in order to increase yield, besides offering a 20% higher rate when compared to open Real-time bidding (RTB).